Budleigh is Back! Author Dave Jaffe’s new book Sleeping Between Giants Book 2: Ask a Terrier: Professional Advice from a Licensed Dog

Let’s catch up again with author and humorist Dave Jaffe. After the successful and award-winning release of his first book Sleeping Between Giants: Life If You Could Call It That, With a Terrier:Book I Budleigh,the Early Year, he and the star pooch of the publishing world, Budleigh, penned another book that takes us deeper into the world of a terrier and his rescued owners.  So, get ready for   Sleeping between Giants Book 2: Ask a Terrier: Professional Advice from a Licensed Dog

  1. Tell us some history on your Sleeping Between Giants Books 

My interest in writing about dogs began when my wife and I adopted a terrier, although why anyone would–still baffles us.

Previously, we’d always acquired our dogs from well-established, responsible breeders that we’d never heard of except afterwards when they appeared on the national news as part of a police raid.

Then, we met Budleigh. a young terrier-thing committed to a shelter after his arrest by police in Waukegan, Illinois, on charges of vagrancy, loitering, and panhandling, which were false, and of being a homeless dog, which was true.

Like many first-time adopters, my wife and I feared we’d be overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising a rescue dog. Yet Budleigh proved no more a challenge than if we’d both pursued medical degrees. Often unfairly labeled as “bad dogs,” few shelter animals have ever been convicted of a crime, with the exception of retrievers. And usually those are just tennis-ball-related misdemeanors. However, the stigma remains.

Budleigh provided me, a longtime humor columnist, the impetus to explore the world of dogs, or Canines, and their owners, or Giants. Dogs have much to teach us all, besides the best spots to poop.


  1. How has the success of books and winning prestigious awards, namely the 2021 International Book Awards Winner: Humor and Indies Today 2019 Best Humor Book Award Winner, changed both you as an author and more important- Budleigh


For me, it’s the lessons learned. When SbG Book 1, subtitled “Life, If You Could Call It That, With A Terrier,” launched in late 2019, the most valuable takeaway was: never launch a first book just as a pandemic SHUTS DOWN THE ENTIRE EARTH!!! That tends to limit speaking engagements and depress book sales.

Receiving honors for my writing from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, the International Book Awards, and Indies Today, reassured me that I was a funny writer. And that the Covid pandemic was not my fault.

For Budleigh, book success translated into greater negotiating power over cookies.

        1. How much control does Budleigh have over the content of the book?

Budleigh has absolute creative control over the books to the extent that he gets fed. Beyond that, he has delegated all work to his staff.


  1. What is the most difficult part of writing your books?

 Aside from a sticky “D” on my keyboard? I think that it’s the letting go of a good piece of writing. Often, a sentence, a thought, a punchline will inspire the writing of a new column. Then, with the creation of that piece comes the realization – and grudging acceptance – that the funny, clever comment that spawned the column didn’t make the final edit. Instead, it wobbled off to the side of the road – wheels flat, engine steaming – in the hope that one day, it will be rescued and used in a later column.

  1. What is the most enjoyable aspect of writing books?

          Making my wife laugh. Also, anybody else.


  1. How has the dog world embraced yours and Budleigh’s work? 

 What began as a small offering of unwanted counsel has grown into an empire of sketchy advice with Budleigh as Supreme Misguider. His internet column, Ask a Terrier, has been translated into 1,100 languages, none of which he understands. Fans of Budleigh’s worldwide speaking tours – mostly dogs – stand in line for hours howling for tickets. Or maybe just howling at each other. It’s hard to tell.


For more information about Dave Jaffe and both Budleigh books such as where to purchase, signings, media, etc, go to SleepingBetweenGiants.com.    

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