Comments On The Blues Of The News

Comments On The Blues Of The News

Dwayne Johnson challenges the Cookie Monster saying he will “kick a** and eat cookies” and “I’m almost out of cookies.”
To which the Cookie Monster rebutted:  “Me no longer eat cookies now, me eat ROCKS!!! (cue really evil Cookie Monster laughter).


Kazakhstan calls on Russia to send in troops to help end protests there. 

Isn’t that like calling on pyromaniacs to put out a fire?


“In the history of our country nothing like me has ever happened!” Trump told the Nelk Boys, a Canadian show that interviewed the ex- President. 

And hopefully will never happen again………


Putin says he is out to ‘Denazify’ Ukraine. 

Apparently by being a Nazi himself……..


Some Republicans say that the attack on the Capitol on January 6th of last year was a ‘Legitimate political discourse’. 

By that measure you could say the same was true for the attack on Pearl Harbor…….


Pete Davidson decided to cancel his ride on Elon Musk’s Blue Origin space flight.

It wasn’t that he chickened out, he just found out that Kanye (or Ye, as he has changed his name to) offered Musk an extra couple million to fly Davidson all the way to Mars.


Donald Trump Jr. wrote an op-ed titled ‘Trump Was Right About Everything.” 

It must be nice to go through life wearing black colored glasses. I don’t know how he keeps from walking into things…….


GOP candidate Hershell Walker asks “Why are there still apes if evolution is a real thing?”
Maybe so that people like you can go around and continue to be one and make dumb, ignorant statements that your fellow apes will go along with……..


The very rich Koch Brothers say that leaving Russia would ‘do more harm than good.’.
Yeah, for your profits. Who cares about a few billion dollars going to help the war effort against Ukraine???


GOP so-called Representatives Boebert, Greene and Gaetz all voted against the bill to suspend normal trade relations with Russia and its lockstep ally Belarus.
Hmm, I guess they would go through some pretty severe withdrawal symptoms if their vodka supply was cut off.


“He’s clearly angry.” say reporter observations of Putin’s speeches of late.
OK, but still not as pissed off as people who have had their families and homes destroyed in Ukraine.

Ben Affleck is starring in a thriller with his ex-lover Ana de Armas.
It just goes to show- when you go Latin you never forgat ‘em.


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