Deborah Fezelle – What’s Past is Prologue

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Deborah Fezelle – What’s Past is Prologue

This is the fifth book in the Nick McDeare Series. The first two novels – The Evil That Men Do and A Walking Shadow were written with Deborah’s long-time writing partner, Sherry Yanow.  Deborah continued the Nick McDeare saga with Full Circle, Discretion and now What’s Past is Prologue.  This is a page-turning series, and if you like thrillers and suspense, check out the entire series. 


 Book Description: 

A two-year-old boy is abandoned in a church fifteen years ago …

Nick McDeare travels to Florida in search of this child, a boy who may no longer exist. Using every tool at his disposal, he persists, even when all hope is lost.

What he uncovers is a dark, twisted world where evil truly exists, where the innocent will break his heart. Where talent can camouflage long-buried secrets. And where those secrets can even surprise the victim.

WHAT’S PAST IS PROLOGUE is a novel that seems to come to a conclusion … and then there’s more.

And just when the plot seems to wrap up … it doesn’t.

There’s more, much more … including a startling goodbye.

This journey will forever change Nick McDeare.

And it will change you.


Deborah Fezelle Bio:

Deborah received her training in the Drama Division of the Juilliard School in New York City. She worked on Broadway, at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and at other professional regional theaters around the country. In later years she turned to directing and formed her own theatrical company in Ohio. She wrote her first play at age ten and continued to write as a hobby over the years. With her younger sister’s untimely death, she created the characters that would later become the heart of the Nick McDeare series, penning THE EVIL THAT MEN DO and A WALKING SHADOW with writing partner, Sherry Yanow. Together, the duo also wrote five plays, all staged and directed by Deborah, and two web series. Deborah continued the McDeare series solo with FULL CIRCLE, DISCRETION & now WHAT’S PAST IS PROLOGUE. She now makes her home in North Carolina



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