Debutants Don’t Do The Doggy-Doo Disposal Drama

Dealing with doggy-doo doesn’t interest the delicate demure of the distant debutantes of the distinctly different division of class that they dwell within. These diletantes make the debatable decision to discard their doggy’s doo-doo in a decisively dingbatty way of desecrating a desirable domain with their dripping bags of non-disinfected droppings in whatever district they decide to. They are dastardly diabolical in their decision to leave their doggies defecations in a dominion where a decided, dedicated doggie doo doo do-gooder must drop by and decide themselves to dispose of  the doggies’ donated dung. One finds these drippings of all dimensions distributed throughout downtowns, driveways, ditches, dormitories, doorways, drains and other different designations.

This deplorable development of demented delinquency deviates from desicive domestic behaviour and is a definite deviation towards a deliberate delinquent decision towards a decadence of dynamic dimensions. 
Doggy doo from Jackson, WY

The dubious dillettants attitude towards this development is decidedly defiant as they don’t want doo on their delicate hands, and take indifferent definitions of the dilemma. They decry that they are too domesticated to deal with doggy dumps and don’t want to have a debate over the demeaning duty of dealing with doggy doo directly. They don’t designate themselves as disposers of the disgusting dung that their dogs do with lack of discretion. Others digress this decision and demand that they do away with their damned dementia over the declaration of their demands.


Many districts decisively denounce this dastardly deployment of doggie donuts. Doctors designate this doggie doo development as a disastrous de-evolution of decent domesticality that definitely defines the decline of decades that now is disintegrating  into a downward descent of dynamic dimensions. These depraved defications are definitely detrimental to the desired dominion of decent health degrees and decidedly destructive to general definitions of desired cleanliness.

Doggie doo from Idaho Falls

Doggie doo-doo is dangerously deceptive as to its diabolically divisive degree of dastardly dynamic diaspora of disgustingly dark germs that deliver a deadly dearth of dire dimensions that can be destructive and dissolve any decent dimension of health that we have. Disappointingly, not doing the doo- doo thing destroys  development of higher dimensional dynamics that we have determined to be decent for our decade. This deliberate, depraved  dumping is disastrously destroying the very dimensions of our domesticality.


During December’s downturn of degrees doggie defications lie dormant and defunct under decidedly deep drifts of downy snow dodging efforts to dispose of the disgusting deposits deceptively disappearing from detection. Believed that the dams of dog debris will decay and disperse and disintegrate is dysfunctional and demented in its deception. Discretion is desired when descending distinctly deep snow dumps where disappearing doo decorate the driveways of our districts under the deep deposits of descended snow.. 

Doggie doo from Alpine, Wyoming

Dogged Democrats are desperately demanding a dictate denouncing this desecration of domestic decency defensively. They declared a debate on the disaster with their distant disciples and despise the Republicans for this decisively disgusting new development. 


Of course the Republicans refuted those responsible replying they need not retract their reprehensible reprimands and remain in respite until the rabid left get over its radical refutation of the rights of free-range right wing rovers to release their Rover’s residual residue wherever they realize that they require a return to Nature of the rectal refuses that they have retained. This radical refutation of righteous respect rails against the reputability of the Republicans referendum on rights. Rabid reformation is not a rhetorical realm they wish to receive. The rift between the related rebels remains to be resolved.

Doesn’t this all seem dynamically dumb?

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