God! Does This Guy EVER Stop Commenting On The News?!?

Trump announces he is running for President in 2024.
His new campaign slogan is ‘Make America Gag Again!’ (or at least it is for a lot of us….).

Elon Musk Pulls out His Secret Weapon to Retain Advertisers For Twitter
A.- He secretly bought and refurbished the Death Star
B.- He outfitted a Death Laser on his Star Link satellite.

Boris Johnson Warns Against Cutting Deals With Putin
Just like you shouldn’t let him cut the deck at a poker game, you know he has cards hidden in every orifice possible…

Lawyers Slam Donald Trump’s Video Deposition in His Latest Lawsuit- “Who Does He Think He Is?”
Oh, that is an easy question- God!

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Asks Supporters Questioning the Presidential Election To Lift Their Blockades.
And Trump wants to use them at the Mexican border.

Bolsonaro also told them “We have to keep our heads!”
Unlike Trump who lost his two weeks after the 2020 election….

Explainer- How Impoverished N. Korea Finances Their Ballistic Missiles.
A. Selling their women as prostitutes to Chinese border guards.
B. Recycling Kim Jong Un’s Bud Light aluminum cans.
C. Selling space on their satellites for broadcasting Pornhub.
D. Taking in laundry for South Koreans living near the border.
E. Making delicious dishes made from grass for exporting.
F. Making mahjong games from the last trees not cut down for heating left in the parks in Pyongyang.

Trump Comes Right Out And Says “Some Of Us Have Horrible Children”.
Coming from the man who was one himself……..

An Oath Keeper Thought The Electoral College Was The Place Where Politicians Went To Get Elected.
Showing just how edjumicated they is on gubberment politicks………

Trump Pushes Supporters To Be Poll Challengers At Iowa Rally.
Actually he is doing a fine job on that all by himself……

Seth Meyers: Karl Lake Is Still ‘Creepy’ No Matter How Good Her Fake Lighting Is.
Someone should tell her that both Halloween and the mid-term elections are over now and that she should go home……

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