Other Gun Rights Organizations Put NRA Out of It’s Misery.

Other Gun Rights Organizations Put NRA Out Of It’s Misery.

“It had to be done.” stated Max Warner of the Americans For The Right To Blow Away Trespassers association when interviewed about the mass annihilation at the NRA Headquarters by other gun rights groups yesterday. “Their day had come and gone. They had become a weak and dying organization. They needed to be put out of their misery.”

In an outrageous daylight attack by a conglomeration of leading gun groups carrying firearms of every make and model but especially assault rifles; gun loving men and women of every age stormed the NRA headquarters breaching their security. Whooping and hollering through every floor as they roamed the massive Fairfax County, Virginia building, they shot at everything that moved including the meth distributor. Shocked that they would be attacked by their own compatriots, the employees and managers of the compound were slow to respond to the invasion. When they did react it was in a guerrilla style reaction due to the seriousness of their dilemma at being caught unawares. For once the NRAers were the prey; a situation foreign to them. Their animal nature finally did come through and they retaliated in like force against their once fellow Americans.

It was a battle that would have made Genghis Khan stand up and take notice. When the smoke had cleared and the once all mighty gun organization was extinct, Jess Leadloader of the A Gun In Every Hand Movement told FOX News “We were following the true code of all gunmen- you put a dying animal out of its misery. It has been obvious for a while that the NRA was dying a slow death. They were laced with corruption through and through, they were going bankrupt, the commie Dems were getting more adamant about gun control and LaPiere was caught wearing pink woman’s panties. There were all signs that their time had come. We saved them from a long, slow decomposition. We’d have done the same for a dying bear.”

Police called to the scene circled the building and didn’t allow anyone in saying that it was just simply the Darwinian Theory in effect- only the strong survive. They were also tired of the being the ones who got shot at by idiots with illegal hand guns which the NRA always supported. Rather than have a funeral or clean up the mass shooting scene, Fairfax County decided to just blow up the building in the same way that happens in foreign countries who buy illegally sold American made weaponry. A small plaque will be set up commemorating the historic event.  

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