Theories As To Why People Cannot Even Leave A Simple Comment When Reading Humor Content For Free

AUTHOR”S NOTE- This article had 381 hits on another website. Not a one of them left a comment. This is the epitome of irony……..
1. Because readers think that humor writing is a highly spiritual practice and that the writers are true aesthetics who need no positive or negative remarks at all for their egos and self satisfaction, but can live off the pure energy of unbridled humor.

2. They are living in Saudi Arabia and viewing such writings illegally and got their right hand cut off for it.

3. They are confused by all the graphics and strange stories on the site and don’t get any of it.

4. They are Russian bots looking for political sites to infest with propaganda but don’t quite know what to do with this one.

5. Certain writer/editors get jealous when other writers do a better job than them and erase viewers’ comments.

6. The reader is an upper class twit who feels it isn’t a good idea to stroke a working class writer’s ego.

7. They think that rating refers to the quality of the ads on the page.

8. People think that it is not an impingement to use their time to read half-assed funny essays, but a huge waste to take the few seconds necessary to leave a rating or comment.

9. They were busy picking their nose and hit the wrong button with the other hand after reading a story.

10. There is a plot amongst the upper 1% of English speaking societies to drive non-paid writers to even further depression and ruin.

11. Because they are hateful trolls who are out to ruin the entire Internet humor industry by not rating articles one at a fiendish time.

12. Because they are humorless widgets who think all such writings are a form of insanity that one can get by touching the Submit button.

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3 thoughts on “Theories As To Why People Cannot Even Leave A Simple Comment When Reading Humor Content For Free”

  1. Oh, wow!
    I got comments.
    I guess I need to wake up and start paying attention……..
    That makes 2 comments out of 383 site visitations.

    Yes, Mr. Hunter (good last name for someone from Michigan), they are probably all true.

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