Slightly Rancid Comments On The News Headlines

Lukashenko, Who Helps Putin In War, Proclaims “Year Of Peace”.
Yeah, he wants a ‘peace’ of Ukraine too!
Or he is peaceful because he has kissed Putin’s ring enough that neither Russia nor NATO will mess with him in 2013.

Russia Made Up Reasons For Attack On Kyiv Hotel
Like “Our New Year’s fireworks just got shot in the wrong direction by accident”.
Or “We were aiming at UFO’s that appeared suddenly over Moscow but turned out to just be dark, weird clouds…..”

She’s Just Being Miley Cyrus (And A Multi- Millionaire!)
Then you would think then she could afford to wear some clothes when she was sitting on that Wrecking Ball…..

Why Trump Didn’t Want You To See His Tax Returns.
Maybe because he paid less taxes than your infant son.
Or you would see he made deductions for female ‘entertainers’.

Did Putin Really Poop Himself? (Yes, this was a real headline)
No, Putin really IS poop.

There’s No GPS On The Moon. (Yes, this one too. From Business Insider no less)
Maybe because there is no electricity on the moon. But then I am only guessing……

What Happens To Your Body In Mount Everest’s ‘Death Zone”.
Since the mountain is in a Bhuddist area you don’t have to worry about that- you just are going to reincarnate anyway!

Zelensky To Meet Wednesday With Biden.
Why would Biden want that little creep going along with him? She should just stay home with the rest of the Addam’s Family.

The Oath Keepers Promised To Defend Liberty.
Ooops, my bad- they actually said “They promised to defund Liberty”.

Democrats Will Be Defending A Slim Senate Majority In 2024.
Great! For once we will have less obese Senators! They must be eating right!

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