A 2022 After-Action Report

Let’s face it: 2022 sucked.

Don’t get me wrong: In no way am I suggesting 2023 will be any better. That’s the mistake a lot of people made at the end of 2020 and 2021. Just the same, 2022 seems to have been, overall, the worst year of the 2020s (so far), and that’s going some.

I’m sure some people had a great 2022. Arms dealers, for instance. No matter how bad a time period is, there’s someone who was happy–as an example, Hitler had an awesome 1939.

 On the other hand, Vladamir Putin thought he was going to have an incredible 2022 but, like many of us, he’ll hit the New Year shaking his head and saying, “What the heck just happened?”

I don’t want to turn this into a Rodney Dangerfield routine. Or maybe I do–Rodney understood the value of comedic complaining. But it wasn’t the best year in the world from a personal standpoint. Emily and I have been sick so much the CDC pitched a tent in our back yard. In twenty-five years, I’ve only had the flu once–this time came a few weeks after our flu shot.



 The above is a picture of downtown Fort Wayne I took from Lutheran Hospital. You know what that means? Yep–visiting my Dad in the hospital. Worse, then we got sick and couldn’t visit him.


As I write this Emily has lost her voice. At first it was cool, because I walked around the house telling puns and singing Christmas songs loudly. Then she summoned enough strength to start throwing things at me. On a related note, I suffered a head injury this year.

Even the dog kept getting sick. He’s 98 in dog years now, and as a result of old age he doesn’t know if has to, um, drop a deuce until it’s already happening. I mean, you can’t get mad at him, and I’m all set for a future career in carpet cleaning.

“Watch your step.”


My knee going bad from early arthritis, that I expected. Getting a case of Trigger Thumb? Did not expect. (What is it? Well, it’s like trigger finger, except in the thumb.) I spent most of 2022 in one of two braces.

We also seem to have started our next round of having to replace stuff. The couch broke, and the toilet broke. We could have managed without the couch. Also, the car’s now running rough because the service people are unable to remove an old spark plug, which is stuck because radiator fluid is leaking around it.

I had no idea that could happen. It used to be I’d call my brother for help with these things, but, well … the 2020s suck.

Rodney Dangerfield could have done all this better, but you get the point.

In 2022 the world population reached eight billion, and two out of three got one of the three pandemics that hit this year. The third got trigger thumb.

Inflation hit its highest level since the early 80s, a time I remember as being as bad as … well, the early 2020s. Come to think of it, so far this winter reminds me of the early 80s. Oh, and get this: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the biggest European war since WWII. Also, the Queen of England died, after being in that position for so long nobody remembers who she replaced. (I think it was “King Something”.) So far as I’m aware, none of these are related.

There’s lots of other stuff, but I’ll just end with: Monkey Pox.

Rodney would have had a blast with Monkey Pox. “My doctor said I should get vaccinated. I told him I wanted a second opinion, and he said ‘Okay: You’re ugly, too’.”

“My parents took me to a dog show–and I won.”

I miss Rodney. He’d know how to face 2023.


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  1. When historians look back at 2022, they will call it the “Bon Jovi of the years” and I will agree with them.

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