My Resolutions for 2017


Every one should have goals. Otherwise, how can we improve ourselves? Here are my resolutions for the new year. Never eat lutefisk. Never eat mushrooms. Nap only when I’m asleep. Understand my new cell phone. […]

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Happy Holidays From Dodge City


Greetings from the Old West Happy Holidays. Paul De Lancey, raconteur, doctor, and gunslinger   Check out my latest novel, the hilarious apocalyptic thriller, Do Lutheran Hunks Eat Mushrooms? It’s published by HumorOutcasts and is available in paperback […]

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Pros and Cons of Surviving 2011

Whenever I approach a new year, I like to take stock of what I survived. I like to think of myself less as a time traveler stuck in forward linear motion at an uninterruptible rate […]

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My Top Five Funny New Years Resolutions, Well, They May Just Be Funny to Me!!

  Resolutions can be pretty serious, especially New Years Resolutions. Losing weight, not yelling so much, saving money etc…All of these are great resolutions, however, resolutions that are funny can also be taken very seriously. […]

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