Slow Cooker Tacos Barbacoa and the Entire Universe Explained

Mexican Entree SLOW COOKER TACOS BARBACOA INGREDIENTS – MARINADE 2 ancho chiles, dried or fresh 1 chipotle chile from can. (Keep 2 tablespoons of the can’s liquid) ¼ teaspoon cinnamon ½ teaspoon coriander 2 teaspoons […]

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Posole Rojo and O Sole Mio

Mexican Soup POSOLE ROJO INGREDIENTS – PORK 3 pounds pork shoulder or leg 60 ounces canned-garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas) 2 bay leaves 7 garlic cloves (4 more later) 3 quarts water INGREDIENTS – RED SAUCE […]

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That awkward moment when your smart friends start talking about investment opportunities and you decide not to mince your words…

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Shredded Collard Greens and the Fate of Zeus

Brazilian Appetizer SHREDDED COLLARD GREENS INGREDIENTS 2 pounds collard greens (about 4 bunches) 4 garlic cloves 3½ tablespoons olive oil ½ teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon salt Serves 6. Takes 40 minutes. PREPARATION Wash collard greens. […]

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Tacos and How They Shaped Our World


TACOS DE RAJAS CON CREMA INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (2 tablespoons more later) 4 poblano or Anaheim chiles 1 garlic clove 1 medium onion ½ pound Oaxacan cheese or queso fresco 1½ cups crema […]

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How to Say All Over the World, “No lutefisk, please, it makes me ill. Where is the nearest taco truck?”


  “No lutefisk, please, it makes me ill. Where is the nearest taco truck?” I used GoogleTM Translate to translate the above phrases into the following languages. You might never need to use these words […]

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My Resolutions for 2017


Every one should have goals. Otherwise, how can we improve ourselves? Here are my resolutions for the new year. Never eat lutefisk. Never eat mushrooms. Nap only when I’m asleep. Understand my new cell phone. […]

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Stuffed Cabbage Rolls and the Demise of the Neanderthals


Polish Entree STUFFED CABBAGE ROLLS (Golumkies) INGREDIENTS 1 medium cabbage head ½ cup rice 3 garlic cloves 1 small onion 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 egg 1 pound ground beef ½ pound ground pork ¼ […]

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