The Devil in New York

According to an article in The Gothamist, a group of people plan to perform an exorcism of the AT&T Building in Tribeca, in the Borough of Manhattan, New York City. They believe that the NSA controls several floors in this building and uses them to spy on people. They don’t like that and … Continue reading

The City Needs a Nap

  New York, New York… Sounds so nice they named it twice. Not really, when you’re there you have to repeat it, because it’s noisy, overcrowded, and no one can hear you.  Mid-town Manhattan streets are cavernous canyons of cacophony. Try a leisurely stroll through Times Square to … Continue reading

Dear Hermine

We are flattered that you want to visit our city. However, we would be grateful to you if you would behave like a good tourist. When your cousin Sandy came around here several years ago, she left a huge mess, and she ran away without paying for the damage or helping to clean up. We hope that you … Continue reading