What I Did Today

Will now burn for at least another week

Busy, busy day. I’m exhausted.

1) Woke up.

2) Got up. Go me!

3) Worked on finances.

4) Caught up on people’s lives on Facebook(tm).

5) Toasted a pastrami, turkey meat, and provolone sandwich.

6) Cleaned up.

7) Contemplated the infinite. This takes a while.

8) Worked on a Thursday, New York Times(tm) crossword puzzle.

9) Read from Mary’s Land, a wonderful novel and designated bathtub book.

10) Finished bath.

11) Dressed. Go me. Contemplated going outside.

12) Didn’t. Decided it was too peoply outside.

13) Checked the fuel reserves of the Sun.

14) They were a bit low. I added a wheelbarrow full of wood to it.

15) We will have another week of sunlight before I have to top off the Sun Again.

16) Writing and publishing this blog.

17) Sent my weekly condolences to Pluto for losing its full planetary status.

18) Pluto says, “Hi.”

19) Will make tacos for the natives after I post this.

Behave yourselves.


– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.


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