Tree Procrastination Brings Blossoms

 My fourteen regular readers might remember that a couple of years ago I realized some kind of trees were growing up in the middle of our lilac bushes. I had to decide, quickly, whether to remove the trees, transplant the lilacs, or have my back yard declared a nature preserve and let the government worry about it.

If you read my blog from April–of this year–you already know that I reacted the way I often do when faced with difficult decisions: I ignore them and hope they go away.

But maybe that’s for the best, because this spring the trees I almost cut down were spectacular.

One of them is apparently a cherry tree:

We base this on the fact that last fall it had cherries growing from it. Can’t get nothin’ by me.

The other is, possibly, a crabapple tree:

I don’t know … I think I’m crabby enough, without the tree. You should hear it bark.

The lilacs?

The bushes are smaller and I had to clear a lot of dead wood out even before the invading trees showed up, but the lilacs that remain seem to be doing well. We’re considering some transplanting work. I’ll … you know … get around to it.

Before you blame me for not acting sooner, if I had we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy some really beautiful spring blossoms:

How did they get there? The same way we end up at car washes: bird poop.

There are three things we really need more of in the world: beauty (real beauty, not that Hollywood crap), peace, and real chocolate with no calories.

I just thought of four other things, so maybe I should just leave it here.


Remember, every time you don’t buy a book, a leaf falls from a tree. You autumn readers should be ashamed.

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  1. If you do go down the nature preserve route, may the forest be with you.

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