Wine Pairings for Simple Folk

Goes well with aged ports

There are many wine experts, aka oenologists, who can tell you the right wine goes perfectly with all sorts of gourmet foods, such as filet mignon or sole meuniere. And you’d quite well to follow their advice.

But what wines pairs well with common foods? Like peanut butter for example?

I’m glad you asked. Here is:


SIMPLE FOOD                       WINE PAIRING

peanut butter                           aged ports
strawberry jam                        tavel
pb&j                                           garnet or combined aged port and tavel
grapefruit                                  mouvreche rose
honey from the jar                  aged chardonnay
egg white                                  champagne
lemonade                                 chenin blanc
banana                                      sauvignon blanc
bluberry pie                             blu prefer
house salad                             combine albarino with blu prefer
rare hamburger                      tavel. If you desire strawberry jam on your rare hamburger. Tavel’s your friend.
medium-rare burger              grenache rose
medium burger                     mouvreche rose. Medium burger and grapefruit, always a crowd-pleasing combo.
medium-well burger             white zinfandel
well-done burger                  moscato
burned burger                       cabinet sauvigon with dregs
tacos                                        oh my gosh, everything goes with tacos. But may I suggest a young riesling?
any food turning brown      an old garnet
prepared mustard                aged ports, like we have with peanut butter.  Would certainly go with a pb-mustard sandwich.
hot dog                                   white zinfandel

Well that’s that for now.

Happy eating.
Happy drinking.


– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.


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