Netanyahu Has A Message For The American People

Greetings to the world outside Israel.


It is time that I addressed the situation in my Israel to you. Now that the poles in other countries (they are not allowed here) are showing me and the country I own to be seen ever increasingly as a nasty place whose hobby is decimating Palestinians let me re-orient that in your brains so that it fits in better to our way of thinking.


We are not out to destroy the Palestinians. We are just destroying the buildings around them and the land under them. If they happen to be in the buildings when we bomb them or on the land when we strafe them, is that our business? No. Maybe they should learn how to duck better. 


We in Israel have worked long and hard to convince the world that we are peace loving Jews who are hard working, decent, God loving people who would not even hurt a fly unless it landed on a kosher bun and are very deserving of the military hardware you send us whenever we run into trouble with one of our neighbors and we come running to you to help bail us out every time. We are sorry that part of the reason you had the 911 attack was due to us constantly repressing the Palestinians who seem to sprout in the lands next to us like weeds in a cornfield fertilized with cow poop, but we all have a little rain fall on us from time to time, don’t we?


I mean, look at us; we had the cloth faced ones attack us, kill some of us and take prisoners; didn’t we? So, as the custom goes here (that we invented), we take an eye for an eye. Of course in this case we have taken 1,000 eyes for one eye, but that is how it goes in a land used to things being in Biblical proportion, doesn’t it?


Some say we have gone too far in this attack upon Gaza, but who is to say we have gone too far? This is supposed to be Zion, not a super souk in an Arab tourist town. We are the Chosen People, meant to dominate this part of the world. We are the lambs of Yawyeh, the innocent ones who are as mild as sheep. We are meant to dominate this part of the world, our part of the world. Jehovah has decreed that we shall be the Lords of this fair land. As it is said in that most holy of songs from that most holy of movies- Exodus- “This land is ours, God gave this land to us!” and so it shall be. God has chosen us to be the chosen people here. It is our destiny to rule Canaan and that we shall do. Palestine is just a pestilence, a disease, an unwanted renter who must be removed. We need our lebensraum für uns selbst, für unsere zukünftige qualität von leben, für unser einige Land ohne ausländern. Es ist unsere Bestimmung, dass wir werden hier der Übermensch zu sein!
Israel, Israel uber alles! 

Es konnte nicht anders sein! Wir sind die Meister Race!!!!!! Keine Ausländer werden uns wieder drucken!

Wir sind das Zentrum der Welt, wir sind das Zentrum der Cosmos, wir sind das Zentrum des ganzen Universums!

All heil Israel!!!!!


Love, Netanyahu.

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