Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I can draw really good boobs. Proud?

Lately, I’ve taken up writing personal greeting cards for my friends and family instead of the store-bought variety. I think it’s fun, and it’s also a challenge (try to be funny in just two lines!).

Here is the card I wrote for my father on Father’s Day. Since my photography skills are limited and you might not be able to read what it says, here’s what it reads: “This year, I’ve decided to take ‘Happy Father’s Day’ literally. So for at least a few seconds, I’m going to make you happy, Dad.”

And then, here is the inside of the card: “This woman has graciously offered to pay off my student loans! Hope that puts the ‘Happy’ in your day!’.

Is it strange that one of my innate talents is the ability to draw voluptuous female assets? It’s my God-given gift. Must be good genes. Thanks, Dad!

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