Trump’s Responses to Word-Association Test Worry Mental Health Experts

Donald Trump’s scorched-earth tap dance toward the Republican Party’s Presidential nomination hit a pothole on Saturday, when the results of a word-association test he took last week at Johns Hopkins University as part of his annual physical exam were leaked to the press.  Here are the answers that Mr. Trump provided on the 25-item Skurf-Twinings Cognition Inventory:


RELIGION                               LOSERS

MELANIA                                REPLACE

AMERICA                                TRUMP

PUTIN                                       LOVER

TRUST                                       EXPLOIT

UKRAINE                                 BUH-BYE

LEADERSHIP                         HITLER

ASIAN                                        DUCK SAUCE

HISPANIC                                FAJITA

BLACK                                       LIBERIA

JUSTICE                                    FANTASY

SEX                                              MARTHA STEWART

DEMOCRACY                           SUCKERS

GAZA                                           OPPENHEIMER

INFLATION                              PENIS

HITLER                                      HERO

LAW                                             OBSOLETE 

MORALITY                                WHY?

LIE                                                 WHY NOT?

GUNS                                            MORE

RACE                                             WAR

INSURRECTION                       ERECTION

HUMOR                                        HUMILIATION

WOMAN                                        RACK

IMMIGRATION                          MORE OPPENHEIMER

Reviewing Trump’s answers, a professor in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Hopkins who wished to remain anonymous remarked, “the former President’s profile displays a number of tendencies that should concern every voter.  As for me, I’m scared s**tless.”

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