75% of Men Under 35 Say They Want A Wife Who Supports THEM

"Come on, you scruffy bastard. When I told you I'm taking you to Urban Outfitters, even if I have to carry you, I wasn't kidding."


THIS is a pretty big generational split. Oh BOY, your grandfather would WHUP YOU to within an inch of your good-for-nothin’ pointless life, if HE heard about it.

Men used to spend their entire lives with one simple goal; make enough money to provide for your family. It would’ve KILLED THEM not to be the breadwinner, the way the MAN is supposed to be.

But, men today?  Yeah…we’d GLADLY sit on the couch and watch daytime television, or shoot fake aliens on a computer screen, while our WIVES go out and make the mortgage money.

In the survey, carried out in conjunction with an ad campaign for a British fast food company, 75% of guys ages 16 to 35 say they’d be FINE living an easy life, just hanging out at home while a wife or girlfriend provided for them.

It also found that 85% of guys between 16 and 35 say that if they ARE the breadwinner, going out and serving as the primary provider for the family every day, they’d expect dinner to be waiting for them when they get home.

What if I’m a crack dealer, but my wife is a Real Estate Agent? I mean, I’m still making money, right? Just…on flexi-time.

Oh man, I’m so confused….

There’s only one thing for it? I’d best take my mind off of it by sitting down with a plate of cold pizza, while watching “The Young and the Restless”. I’m supposed to put the washing on, but the missus  can do that when she gets home after her 8pm showing.

I’m pooped. I was up at 5 am today, meeting with a client behind the Travelodge.

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