A Tale of Two Quarterbacks: Did God Choose Tim Tebow?

So, it’s official. Head Coach John Fox of the Denver Broncos has capitulated to public pressure and named Tim Tebow starting Quarterback.  Well, what can you expect after the extraordinary effort of fans who went as far as renting billboard space in Denver demanding Tebow’s ascension to starting QB?

Okay, some of the faithful believe that God has managed to jump on the Tim Tebow bandwagon to influence John Fox’s decision. Who knew that God was such a football fan or that  He had the time to worry about the NFL when so much other stuff is going on in this world? But He made time for Tebow, and why not?  He is the guy who many think Christ himself would have picked as a son.

Anyway, the public hoopla helped, and even though Tebow’s stats are mediocre at best, and even though his QB skills are, as many experts claim, sub-par, the young QB does get his team fired up, so maybe his leadership abilities can turn around the Broncos’ slide into the abyss.  Only time will tell, but if I were a Denver fan, I would be looking to the sky for a sign if the Super Bowl is in your future – of course, he first has to win one game.

As for Brady Quinn, the former Notre Dame QB, who some thought would be the next Tom Brady – well, he is rding the Broncos’ bench even though he was originally slated as the back-up QB to former first stringer, Kyle Orton, before all the billboards and fan intervention.  I guess Brady’s and Notre Dame’s Touchdown Jesus couldn’t hold a candle to Tebow’s Evangelist Jesus.

Far from Denver in a state called Ohio, lives another starting Quarterback named Andy Dalton.  A non-flashy sort of guy from Texas Christian University, ( I wonder if this ticks Tebow fans off that Dalton has the words Texas and Christian in his bio), Dalton has quietly and competently engineered the surprise success of the Cincinnati Bengals this season making this once joke-of-a-team, a true contender.  the young QB has led with no hoopla and no press swarming around him unlike Tebow and, of course, the Panthers’ Cam Newton, who is hailed as a QB with superhero powers, even though his team has failed to win games under his leadership, which I guess, is not as important as one’s individual Quarterback stats.  Dalton has taken his team to three wins earning a 78 QB rating along the way– exceptional for a rookie.

But if you look closely at Andy Dalton’s picture, who does he sort of resemble? Yes, it could be Spock, but look closer. Arched eyebrows, stern look? Fire-red hair?  He looks a little like the Prince of Darkness. I don’t know if Satan has red hair, but if I were to pick hair color for the king demon, I would go with fiery red – that sort of works with the cape he always seems to wear.

Maybe the Prince of Darkness got a little tired of all the attention God was getting in this game.  Let’s face it–with the exception of NASCAR, no sport prays more than football. They pray at the beginning of plays; they pray in the end zone; they pray before punting; they pray when someone gets hurt and what does the Devil get?  Nothing. No one points his finger down to hell after catching a great pass or kicking a field goal. So, maybe Andy Dalton is his secret weapon.

Okay, do I think he really is the representative of Hell? No, I think he is just a QB who does his job well. Instead of schmoozing the press, he focuses on his team and improving his abilities.  To be honest, I would take a dozen Andy Daltons over one Tim Tebow or one Cam Newton.  What he lacks in flash, he makes up for in commitment and skill.  Maybe it’s time we take note of the Bengals and respect the “ Eye of the Tiger”.


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11 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Quarterbacks: Did God Choose Tim Tebow?”

  1. Knowing how fickle some fans can be, God may not be very popular with some if Tebow doesn’t pan out.

    Will there be calls to “crucify him, crucify him”?

    1. If they do yell crucify him I’m sure his come back would be, “Hey, I can see the 50-yard line from up here!”

      1. Roger Goodell is God in the NFL, and the NFL took care of the problem by making it a uniform violation to have any message on the eye-black, not just religious ones. 🙂

  2. haha as a member of the Gator Nation, I do believe The Tebow Child was ordained by God.

    As for Scam Newton, he’s probably the best athlete in the NFL. haha not that that makes me a fan

    1. I would think that no one from the Gator Nation would argue with him being ordained by God, but really? He peaked in college. As for Cam Newton, so much talent and so much hype. Hard to tell what is real and what is not.

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