A Child’s Smile Won’t Melt Michele Bachmann’s Heart

Michele Bachmann said in a campaign stop in Iowa that she does not feel compelled to help children whose parents entered the country illegally. In her own words “Their parents are the ones who brought them here…We do not owe them anything.” She also suggested a new law that would bar citizenship to children born in the U.S. to parents of undocumented immigrants saying, “We’ve got to end this anchor baby program.”

Amazing words from a woman who claims to be an evangelical Christian.  Maybe I am wrong about this, but didn’t Christ say, “Let the children come to me.”  And I don’t think he added, “But first, let me see their papers.”




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12 thoughts on “A Child’s Smile Won’t Melt Michele Bachmann’s Heart”

  1. Well, I try to avoid topics of politics and policy on a humor site but I have to interject here. I am a Legal Immigrant to the USA. A resident Alien, I have to show my Greent Card when I want to renew my drivers permit, can’t do it online like my citizen wife, I have to renew the green card every 10 years at a cost of a couple of hundred dollars. I can’t vote but I can pay taxes and a lot of them. I could become a citizen but that would cost $1,000 plus, then I have to answer questions that 50 percent of resident Americans would have no clue about, including the President, like how many States are there? Remeber he had visited almost all of the 57 States?

    So what really ticks us Legal Aliens off is the ones sneaking in and getting better benefits and hand outs than I would ever be eligible for, if I were inclined to be that much of a low life and take a hand out.

    Give us your sick your weak, your kids, but lets get them legal first. I love my adopted country but we are a country of laws not a country of mob rule.

    Ok, pushes my soap box back under my desk, that is it, from now on just humor for me 🙂

  2. Yet another semi-articulate comment from the Bachmann camp. But seriously, what happened to, “Give me your tired, your poor and being a good Christian?” I hear she eats her young,lol.

  3. As one who is part Cherokee, I have to wonder what would have happened had my ancestors refused non-Native Americans entry to this land. Though the concept of “illegal” didn’t register with them, because they thought this land was given to them by the Great Spirit, they had to give up their home to the thieves who stole it from them. And now the thieves’ descendants are REQUIRING people to document their right to be here? Hmmm… This is one touchy subject to me. Read http://theresawiza.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/immigration-rant-%E2%80%93-americas-dirty-secrets/ for more.

    1. Perhaps your ancestors should have had more stringent laws, they could have kept the interlopers out.

  4. Cavanaugh is free to subsidize or the illegal Mexicans she wants, though I don’t she pays any Federal taxes herself.

    1. Hm. First of all, I have no U in my name. Secondly, why do you just assume all illegal immigrants come from Mexico. It shows you are a real bigot and third, I play plenty of federal, state and local taxes and if my tax money helps a child – I don’t care where that child comes from, then I think it went to a good cause. get a heart!

    2. Derek,

      Take time to construct your sentences properly so we can make sure you yourself are not an immigrant who has no command of the Queen’s language. Not that I’m one of those “english only” whackos but it would help your position, as lame as it is, if you were more coherent.

      1. Thanks Larry. I guess everyone has their opinion. Just don’t get how anyone could look at a child and say, “No help for you.” It’s easy in the abstract theory, but in real life, you have to be one cold bastard to turn a cold shoulder to a child.

        1. Whatever happened to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses … ?” My grandparents came from Italy (legally, in their case). Who are we to cast a stone at the children of people who come here illegally? It is not the fault of the children that their parents took a desperate step to try to make a better life for themselves.

          I think that each case should be studies individually, and that, at least in some cases, amnesty should be given to illegal immigrants, to give them a chance to actually take part in the life of the country they live in.

          As far as I remember, it has always been the law here that if you are born on American soil you automatically have American citizenship. That should not be changed.

          The neighborhood that I live in is populated mostly with immigrants from the Dominican Republic. Most of them are good, hard-working, and very nice people. New York City is privileged to have them.

          1. I agree with your views 100 percent Kathy. This is a nation built on immigrants. Isn’t it funny that when we try to close the doors is when our country struggles the most? We all have a right to be here and come here. This woman, and I use that term loosely, because no true woman would turn her back on children so callously

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