George and Max

George’s time on earth had come to an end, and he slowly materialized at the pearly gates.

“So…I’ve finally come to see the Big Dog.”

“Yes, welcome to heaven. You’ll see him soon.”

George looked around. “How about Max? Will he be joining me here?”

“No, I am sorry. Max cannot come here, as he has no soul, and is therefore unable.”

“Really? But all of the walks and games of fetch… Oh, how we loved each other!”

“Yes, I can appreciate that. We can grow attached to our friends. But rules are rules and nobody without a soul can enter heaven.”

“It doesn’t seem fair. I spent so many years with him…”

“I understand. But you were made in our creator’s image and are the only one blessed with an everlasting soul. We are all-loving, selfless, and charitable. Max’s kind, while cute, can be violent and hateful, plus they can leave a real mess!”

“Very well, I suppose I see your point. But Max is going to be so disappointed. I am pretty sure that he expects that he’s coming.”

“Well, they can be arrogant as well…”

“No, it’s not that. As far as I could tell, there’s a SERIOUS typo in the bible…Down there, they spell the Lord’s name ‘G-O-D’ “

“Arf! Arf! Arf!”

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