Guns kill people

Guns kill people and guns are not cool at all but it’s important to protect yourself when a Bon Jovi fan comes at you for no reason whatsoever, other than to tell you that you give love a bad name or that we’re half way there, living on a prayer. It’s for this reason that Jill Y and I had a philosophical debate about badgers, hula hoops and what was that other thing….. oh yes, self-defense. We concluded that it’s simply not good enough to constantly walk around with earplugs to block out the sound of Bon Jovi fans and indeed, the so-called music Bon Jovi. We had a look at the Personal Protection Academy but decided not to take them up on their free offer of handgun training because there was just something about the trainer that didn’t fill us with confidence:



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4 thoughts on “Guns kill people”

    1. Don’t get me started Donna, Bon Jovi fans are the reason we have Bon Jovi and the word on the street is that the angry guy in the picture is the president of the official Bon Jovi fan club.

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