Poll Showing Fox News Viewers Alleged Ignorance was Liberally Biased

Somewhat recently it came to my attention that there was a study conducted which showed that Fox News viewers’ answers to poll questions were somewhat less correct than answers given by viewers of the lamestream government-controlled socialist media. I don’t have a link to it, but if you can’t accept hearsay from Sean Hannity by way of my Uncle Bob, then I don’t know what you’ll accept as fact.

So sure, it was reported that Fox viewers were more ignorant. Well… that’s bullshit. Plus, I don’t even know what “ignorant” means. But if you look critically at this poll, and by critically I mean “repeat Glenn Beck ‘s explanation over and over again”, you’ll see that this so-called “study” was very liberally-biased. Plus, the results were reported on MSNBC, which automatically invalidates it.

That’s right. The poll unfairly focused on items that mainly liberals would know about, like communism, rap music, and facts. It relied on the participants to know what was actually in actual laws that Fox Viewers complain about and it unfairly required knowledge of things that can be definitively proven or disproven. The study failed to ask things that real Americans just instinctively know and can’t be proven correct in a traditional sense.

A similar study, commissioned by my Uncle Bob and some of his hunting buddies, found that CNN and MSNBC viewers performed far worse than Fox News viewers.

A sampling of the questions:
* Enter the lyrics to Lee Greenwood’s song
* Have you taken Jesus as your Lord and Savior?
* Were any dinosaurs on Noah’s ark?
* Whose favorite slogan is “Git r done!”?”
* Which airport bathrooms are the best to pick up other men in?

Those two networks predictably ignored the study.

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