Bye bye belief system

I have a serious issue with so-called society and I think it needs to be addressed right now. When I was supposed to be growing up, I was led to believe that the famous were better than we were, from the clothes they wore right down to the taxes they didn’t pay because of tax loopholes for the rich and famous. I accepted this as one of those things that I couldn’t do anything about and I got on with things. Fast forward to this morning and an article in one of Jill Y’s magazines made the outrageous claim that stars are just like us and that they even use baskets:

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8 thoughts on “Bye bye belief system”

  1. I know that I can breathe easier knowing that stars really do use baskets. If they know how to use baskets that must mean they know how to do other things like wash a dish or cook a meal, right?

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