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I recently had to wait 15 minutes at the Walmart cash register because my container of spinach rang up as “CONTACT MANAGER”. No manager could be found and 3 different people attempted to solve this dilemma by banging on the same key 10-20 times. Now I’ve never worked a cash register, but I can’t imagine that this is a legitimate way to perform any kind of standard grocery operation. Felt like saying to the third guy as he was banging 25 times on the same key “they tried that already!”

When the manager came, he fixed the problem by hitting a different key 20 times and explained that this is the first time in Walmart history that anyone had tried to buy spinach. He didn’t even know how it came to be in the store, but he assured me that whoever was responsible would be fired promptly, and he apologized that I even had to see such a ridiculously healthy item.

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