Facebook: Where Criminals Go to Show Off Their Work But not Their Brains

A group of teens in South Carolina, broke into a house, drank beer and vomited on the floor while the owner was away on vacation.  Being the responsible kids they were, they returned to the house the next day and cleaned up their mess. The owner of the house had no idea that anything went on until someone showed him pictures that the young geniuses posted proudly on Facebook documenting the break in and subsequent party. When the homeowner saw the photos, he called the police and had the youths arrested.  Moral of the story: a picture might be worth a thousand words but when you post it on Facebook, it could be worth 30 days in county jail and a hefty fine.

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12 thoughts on “Facebook: Where Criminals Go to Show Off Their Work But not Their Brains”

  1. Bragging about their crime, posting photographs on a social media site and leaving vomit DNA. Why didn’t they just phone 911 and report the break in?? SMH, LOL!!

  2. Cops are always catching criminals on Facebook. It’s like the Scooby-Doo of the 21st Century. “And I would’ve gotten away with too if I wasn’t a moron and posted it on Facebook.”

  3. I don’t know what’s wrong with this world, said he as if he was much older than he was. Even responsible teenagers are getting themselves into trouble these days!

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