Fireman Gerard is fired

Life can’t always be funny boys and girls but we can always try to laugh and make the most of a situation. For the sake of anonymity we’re not going to disclose Gerard Slone’s real name. Like lots of people, Gerard always wanted to be a Fireman and drive a fire engine. When he was littler, he would dream of nothing else and his whole life became a journey that would lead up to the day when he applied for his dream job. It was all going well and he passed the exam but Gerard just couldn’t keep his hose in his pocket and ended up playing away with the wife of a senior Politician. One thing led to another and our Politician friend became aware of the situation. This immediately put an end to his fledgling career. Although what Gerard done was wrong and can never be applauded, he had the last laugh when he decided to pimp his bike and start his own fire brigade:


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