Is 33 The Happiest Year Of Your Life?


Is she kidding? Is she going by her SHOWBIZ AGE???!! I can TELL from just the HAIR!!

I remember laying in bed, as a kid, when my father was age 33, and thinking how that sounds like it’s SO OLD. And yet, when you’re older, you’d mouth kiss a hobo to feel young again, like you did at 33.

According to a survey by a website here called “Friends Reunited”, age 33 has been voted as the HAPPIEST year of your life. Admittedly, they only asked people over 40.

Still, they agreed 33 is when you’re mature but still energetic and fun. Your career has taken shape. And your family life starts to come together.

Plus, you’re still hopeful, not full-on cynical like someone a bit older. Also, in theory, you’ve finally figured out what you’re doing sexually.

70% of people over 40 said 33 was their best year.  16% picked one of their childhood years. A mere 6% picked one of their college years.

I know what you’re thinking…..”What does Mayhem think about the age 33?” In truth, I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I was still quite fresh from a divorce. I suffered from a lot of urinary tract infections. And those assholes at ABC cancelled Boston Legal”. I preferred 34.

At that age, you’re fast approaching ‘Cougar Town’.


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2 thoughts on “Is 33 The Happiest Year Of Your Life?”

  1. It is hard to beat the college years. Peak physical condition and no real responsibility. 🙂

  2. Thirty three was good. You know what keeps me going? The hope that when I reach my sixties way down that road, that I will say, “Wow, this is the best” because if I don’t think that way, I can’t rationalize trying to get there. 🙂

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