6 thoughts on “Money Well Spent”

  1. My brain works in mysterious ways that even I don’t understand. I now have “If I Had a Hammer” going through my cerebral cells.

    Please don’t offer to give me two hammers. Thank you.

    1. Kathy, if I had a dollar every time I had if I had a hammer stuck in my brain . . . lol!

  2. I will also give you a dollar to start things rolling. If we got a lot of people to give you dollars, we could go to the Caribbean. How about that? Or with Pete on the road! LOL

    1. LOL, I totally agree Donna, keep dem dollars rolling in, Caribbeans here we come!!! But I’ll keep $2 to give to Pete to shut him the hell up!

  3. Hmm… If I only had a 21 year old nymphomaniac, contortionist, heiress a billion dollar fortune every time someone said… Oh, never mind, it’ll never work.

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