Signs That He’s Probably Not The One

  • He proposed during your performance review at work.
  • His investment fund hasn’t had a single negative quarter since 2005.
  • Everyone was dressed in camouflage at his father’s wedding.
  • He wears animal skins and commands people to repent.
  • He drives a Ferrari but lives in a tiny apartment.
  • He insists that he has a driving problem, not a drinking problem.
  • He’s unaware that his tattoo is actually misspelled.
  • He raced back into your burning house to save the dog but came out with his PlayStation.
  • God told him that white men are meant to rule the entire earth.
  • He has a million dollar Picasso hanging in the reception area at his startup business.
  • He wants to a buy a house near Hooters because “it will help keep property taxes low.”
  • He chose Beast Of Burden for the slow dance song at your wedding.
  • He knows how to enter and start a car with only a screwdriver.
  • He seemed really nice on that Reality TV show.
  • He bikes every weekend with a buddy – on a tandem.
  • He’s related.
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