The best hiding place is the place they are least likely to look in.

Allow yourself to ask yourself a question. Not just any old question about special fried rice disease but a specific question about where you would hide drugs on your person, if you were a man person. Now, compare your answer with this dude and see if they’re the same:



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11 thoughts on “The best hiding place is the place they are least likely to look in.”

  1. Two observations:

    1. Why didn’t he just go the usual route of drug couriers and swallow a few condoms full of the stuff? I mean, the worst thing that could happen there is that one of the bags might burst and kill you with an automatic overdose.

    2. I don’t know if you know this or not, but women have been known to smuggle various items by shoving them up their hoo-hahs.

      1. Hehe!

        1. I worked for a time as a clerk in the Probation Office of one of the U.S. courts. I also watch a lot of crime shows on TV.

        2. I have heard anecdotal stories about this. One woman I used to know was suspected of hiding cash this way.

        1. I’d say working in a court would be pretty cool. There’s got to be material for at least one book out of that.

          There’s just some places you don’t put cash!

  2. Emergency Room Doctor: The reason you can’t urinate is you have a baggy full of heroin stuck in your penis . . .

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