The Dangers of Social Media

This is a sad story because it tells of the death of four blondes, explains how dangerous Social Media can be and it goes a little something like this:

Using Social Media, Grady told Emma about the three blondes who were walking through the forest when they happened across a set of tracks. Stuff happened and they had an argument. To hack a long story short, one of them said the tracks belonged to a deer, another said they were elk tracks and the other said they belonged to a moose. Between the mass confusion and bickering, a train hit them and they died. Emma, a curious blonde asked Grady if he knew what type of tracks they were. When Grady didn’t write back, Emma went to the tracks to find out for herself. In what can easily be described as the most unfortunate accident since Terra Nova was screened, Emma was also hit by a train and was killed.

Now can someone please bare witness and explain to the world, how dangerous social media can be?

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