UK’s Tony Blair says there should be a President of Europe

Caricature of Tony Blair by Caricaturist in London Simon Ellinas

FORMER UK PRIME Minister Tony Blair said yesterday that the solution to the problems of a rapidly disintegrating Europe would be if he was put in charge immediately. Democratically-elected, of course. Although the message was couched in none-too-subtle code such as "I want to be President, please let me be President. Please, please, please", it was obvious that the socialist 'people's multi-millionaire' is feeling the pinch looking after several large homes around the world and having to pay for his own holidays in Tuscany now that he is not a major leader.

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2 thoughts on “UK’s Tony Blair says there should be a President of Europe”

  1. is this really what Europe needs, someone who flip flops more than Mitt Romney he was crap as Prime Minister now he wants to screw up the whole of Europe. ON YOUR BIKE Tony. Maggie come home.

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