What goes on in the back of Thirsty Dave’s head?

We went to see Scurvy Jane’s new band, ‘The depressed and distressed Danish damsels in distress’. They play a kind of Ukrainian Gospel/Death Metal with elements of well-meaning social commentary on the voting rights of hamsters who have had no formal education on the mating habits of hamsters. Even though they’re a political band, they play with a degree of irony, not seen since Paris Hilton told Britney Spears to cross her legs as she was getting out of the car in a short dress. Just before we headed out, Thirsty Dave was in thought-provoking mood. He has a bit of a bald spot on the back of his head so he done what he always does and made the best of a bad situation:

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6 thoughts on “What goes on in the back of Thirsty Dave’s head?”

  1. This is hilarious and, as usual, you manage to blend two entirely disparate subjects.

    I guess if you can do that Scurvy Jane can blend Ukranian Gospel with Death Metal and come up with something that sounds at least a little like music.

    1. Thanks for that Kathy. It was a good gig. Scurvy Jane and I have a fascination with former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko and the gig was good as most of the songs were about her and hamsters.

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