World’s Greatest News Anchor

In a move as unusual as dermatological advice from Scurvy Jane, Thirsty Dave has suddenly become interested in the news. The reason this is unusual is that it’s not usual. As a rule, the only thing that the thirsty one cares about, are price hikes in the price of beer. He’s watched the same clip of the world’s greatest news anchor on YouTube, 7,751,622 times. On his 100th viewing, he made an observation:


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10 thoughts on “World’s Greatest News Anchor”

  1. OMG Bill, I believe the question here is did anyone really care what she was reporting? HA HA HA!

  2. I bet that the city where this woman does the news is the most informed on current events. I would guess no one misses a broadcast.

  3. Well, the comment on the video was honest at least and even as a heterosexual woman, I can understand why Thirsty Dave didn’t notice this before.

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