Bachmann Denies Decision Influenced By Concerns About Re-election, Impropriety, Sanity

On Wednesday, Minnesota GOP Representative Michele Bachmann, a tea party favorite, announced that she will not seek another term in the Congress. Many speculated that the decision was heavily influenced by concerns of a potentially contentious re-election campaign, ongoing investigations into possible financial impropriety, and the fact that she’s borderline insane. But Bachmann shot down that speculation soon after her announcement.


“I’m not afraid of a tough campaign. I’ve been through those. I don’t worry about the financial accusations, either. And you think being crazy would hurt me? Look, I’ve been crazy the whole time. Even getting crazier every second that goes by. Minnesota has not yet punished me for that. In fact, I kinda think they must like it!”

Democrat Jim Graves, a hotel chain founder and the candidate whom Bachmann defeated in 2012, is expected to run again in 2014. Republican operatives hope to select someone slightly less insane to run against him this time.

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One thought on “Bachmann Denies Decision Influenced By Concerns About Re-election, Impropriety, Sanity”

  1. It’s an opportunity for the GOP to become less crazy! I heard a pundit say that this was a sad day for fact-checkers, who may soon be out of jobs as the crazy people are pushed out of politics.

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