Can somebody please talk to this router because it just won’t listen to me?

Sometimes you can lose sleep because your mind is constantly trying to figure out how magnets work and sometimes, it’s the little things like global warming that keeps you awake. I speak to you today as the only person I know who is truly brilliant. If there are those among you, who are under the illusion that you are brilliant, you can mimic what I do but that will only make you a mimic and nothing else. And so, it came to pass that Bill Y was considering the classic pun where the doctor says the router “what seems to be the problem?” and the router says “It hurts when IP.” After several hours of laughing, I stopped. I became filled with rage and started screaming abuse at the router. This happened for most of the day but suddenly the router lost its tongue and refused to say a word. Sleep refused to let me be as I continued to shout at the non-responsive router. One question is all I asked and no question was answered. When the doctor asked the router what its problem was, why  could the router, not have responded with “It hertz when IP.”


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4 thoughts on “Can somebody please talk to this router because it just won’t listen to me?”

  1. Bill, you have a mind that twists and turns in odd directions, which is one of the things I like about you.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Kathy, that’s about the best compliment I’ve got all year.

    1. I see what you did there but you’re only adding to the mass confusion!

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