Don’t Blame It All On Estrogen

Reliable sources from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! state that women speak three times more words per day than men.  In groups, women speak in a “stream of consciousness” manner about infinite topics.  The chemicals responsible for this are estrogen and sometimes tequilaphrine.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Blame It All On Estrogen”

  1. Tequilaphrine is very similar to rumaphrine, which has a similar effect on the brain-tongue nerve network. It has also been proven to cause excessive laughter, often engendered by things which would not be considered funny by those who do not have a high rumaphrine level.

    1. Sorry, Just now seeing this! I heard when you hit menopause, your level of tequilaphrine goes up. That should be about right now. Thanks for commenting, Donna!

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