Fox News Host Laments Gassing of Jews By Nazis, But Says “Both Sides” To Blame

Recent Fox & Friends addition Elisabeth Hasselbeck spent some time discussing the Holocaust with her co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on Monday. During the piece, she lamented the horror of the Holocaust but said that both sides should share the blame for the atrocities.

Both sides!

“Both sides are really to blame here. You had the Nazis…sure, everyone knows that they’re bad…and there’s no excusing the killing of millions of Jews. But on the other hand, Jews shouldn’t get off scot-free here, either. They’ve got their silly customs and their funny language. How would you like it if people were in your country speaking a different language, dancing around, singing that “Hava Nagila” all the time? And they’re way too good with money…They have to have their own special fancy menu…Oh you’re too good for entrails? So annoying. And they were all wearing those yellow stars, like they were better than everyone else. Oy vey!”

“Absolutely right,” added Steve Doocy. Brian Kilmeade also concurred, saying that “blaming just one side is always politically motivated”, then he promptly blamed the Holocaust on President Obama.

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5 thoughts on “Fox News Host Laments Gassing of Jews By Nazis, But Says “Both Sides” To Blame”

  1. I’ll bet they also think that:

    All Italians are gangsters;
    All Irishmen are drunks;
    All African-Americans have rhythm;
    All Catholic priests are pedophiles.

    False stereotypes HURT PEOPLE!

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