Gaining Leadership

Hey Gang!  In honor of President’s Day, I thought we could discuss leadership.  Loosely translated, the word means “to lead a ship”.  Translated directly, it means “Pirate”.

The key to being a good leader is finding  your management style.  I prefer mine to be a yellow blazer with a handsome neckerchief.  Other styles include:  Macro Managers, which lead with Excel.  They also excel at leading.   Micro Managers have to be very small in stature, preferably invisible to the naked eye.  Autocratic Managers tend to have a strong work drive and try to steer their employees in the right direction.  Permissive Managers tend be very submissive and ask that the ball gag isn’t on too tight.

Any good leader knows that they are only as good as their TEAM.  Of course by TEAM, I am referring to to the acronym Today’s Employees Aggravate  Me.  TEAM building is one of the staples of the 72-Point Gainer Guide.  We discuss what makes a TEAM. (Most of the time it’s an employee’s socioeconomic need to have a job and consequently working with people they would never associate with on any other level for a company that wont share their real profits despite the amount of work an employee contributes to the  corporation.) But the Gainer Guide makes it fun!  Some activities include drawing with markers and receiving candy from the nearby Dollar Store!

A good leader will also remember that there is no “I” in team.  There is however a “ME” , which subordinates bring up all the time.  “What is in it for ME?”   “Why ME?”  “Stop crying on ME.”

Until next time, Gang!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer




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