Plea To The Internet Gods

Once again internet, I come to you hat in hand asking you to please give me money.

This time to make TV.

Why do I feel the need to beg to you?

Because writing this stuff is what I’m good at. And very often the nepotism in Hollywood is too great to overcome despite how hard you’re willing to fight and work. And secondly: Who hasn’t wanted to create a world outside of reality that compels other people to sit their asses down and watch it unfold on a weekly basis. I know you people want to be a part of this on some level. That’s why I’m asking you to put aside your “I could never” attitude and be a part of that dream you’re parents told you was only for the lucky. Because I’m far from a lucky man myself and I wake up everyday and do it. Thirdly: I will make you this promise. If you help me make this, no matter your level of help, even if it takes me 50 years. I will find each and everyone of you and shake your hand, pour you a shot and say “thank you”.

Now come the fuck on and lets make a god damn good TV show  — >

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