In Sin City, there’s as much sin as there is in any other city but what a damn cool name for a place. A friend of mine goes to a weight loss class. She’s allowed to eat a certain amount of good stuff each week and this good stuff is classified as sins. A two-finger Kit Kat might be ten sins and a Triple McBurger doused in cholesterol, buried in a cream cake on a bed of bacon, might be 100,000 sins. Free speech is taken for granted by those who freely have it and there are those who freely speak their mind, thank God:


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10 thoughts on “Sin”

  1. I noticed her sign says “homosexuality is sin” NOT “Homosexuality is A sin”. But she should probably have said “Homosexuality is IN”! I really think gay rights are an issue whose time has come, and we will soon see a major shift in our laws and attitudes (at least in the US).

  2. Anyone who disses my gay friends like that woman is doing should be tied down with their own corduroy skirts and have their mouths washed out with Lifebuoy soap (which Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” insists is the worst).

    And Deb — How can anything as divine as Krispy Kreme donuts be a sin?

    1. If anyone dissed a gay friend of mine for being gay and I just happened to have their bank details, I would send the smallest amount of money that my bank would allow, to their account with the narrative “”. Then when they log on to look at their account, their homophobia would drive them mad!

  3. The sins of the Krispy Kreme is the sin of the south and so is corduroy in the summer, however being homosexual is cool. Fun read Bill!

  4. I guess sin is in the eye of the beholder! I love this photo! One more thing: 100,000 sins? Well, there is no redemption from that so if you are going to go down big, it might as well be for something like the very evil burger or in my case, the very evil ultimate doughnut.

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