St. Chicken of the Sea

Religion lives in all forms in Florida.  There are the Jewish people who escape the North’s cold winters, the Evangelists who tolerate the Jewish people because they know that a thriving Israel is their ticket to the Rapture, and of course, the Catholics, who made their way into the Sunshine State by way of Spanish conquistadors and Ponce de Leon who sought out a land of youth and instead founded a state of plastic surgery.  But one religion has sort of evaded the public eye, but here it is, smack in the middle of Madeira Beach. It is the Church of  the Chicken followers.

Okay, the congregation doesn’t really cluck about chickens. They claim to be a mainstream church but the building tells another story.  Why? The church looks like a chicken.  Don’t believe me, take a look .

chicken church2

Obviously, the people who worship at the Chicken Church get their feathers ruffled when they hear the comments about their beloved church. They say their church is becoming famous for the wrong reasons and it’s attracting people who don’t come to worship but instead come to cackle about the strange architecture.  Despite all the protests, the church’s pleas for dignity have laid a colossal egg.  Rumor has it that the communion hosts have been replaced by an 8-piece meal, the new pastor will only answer to the name Colonel Sanders and the story of evolution has been replaced by the inevitable question: What came first? The Chicken or the Egg?

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8 thoughts on “St. Chicken of the Sea”

  1. We’d much rather worship at the Chicken Church than the Turkey Tabernacle! Bawk, bawk! Funny post Donna!

  2. I have seen an architectural model of a church shaped like a boat. I thought it was kind of cool.

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