Teachable Moment

Tell me how this is any different from one of those old Three Stooges routines. A public school in Texas recently held a gun-safety training class for teachers and other employees. At the end of the class a student (identified in reports as a “certified person”) stayed behind for a private lesson with the instructor. But the student’s gun had a mechanical problem. So the instructor stepped in to help. At which point the gun “misfired”.

I love how people use the phrase “a gun misfired”. The wording suggests a weapon going rogue without any help from its owner. It’s like saying your car “misdrove” after you downed a 12-pack and drove off a bridge.

So the bullet exited the gun. It ricocheted around the room. And then struck a maintenance worker in the leg. Curly crumpled to the ground while Larry and Moe looked on in shock.

No word yet on whether the maintenance worker had to clean up the resulting mess.

But like any accident this is a teachable moment. Because we now know what to prepare for in the future. One day the Science teacher and the Gym coach are going to hear a loud, rapid noise coming from somewhere. They won’t be aware that the source is the maintenance man, who for some reason has been angry lately and is now pounding on a metal table with a hammer. The Science teacher and the Gym coach will race toward the noise with guns drawn.

And later that day they’ll need to cancel Science, or Gym, or both.

Where's your hall pass?
Where’s your hall pass?

Home-schooling never made much sense to me. Until now.

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6 thoughts on “Teachable Moment”

  1. How can a gun misfire unless someone is messing with it?

    Ah yes! “Misfire” is a euphemism! Gotcha!

    1. Double posting to say it’s a euphemism for “idiot touching a weapon.”

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