I Simplify Darts

Simple, Safe Darts Has this happened to you? You’re off to the local bar to play for the Dart Championship. You have a five-year old girl, Stella. She adores you. She wants to play darts […]

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Inspiring Teen Uses Potato To Run Digital Clock, Envisions One Day Powering Entire Cities From Potatoes


HOUSTON, TEXAS – Inspiring local teen Frank Protsman won the Southeast Texas Regional Science Fair with an innovative clock which can actually be powered by potatoes. Amazingly, Protsman inserted electrodes into common produce and apparently […]

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Sister Mary Barbarian

My ninth-grade English teacher was named Sister Mary Barbara, but for purposes of anonymity, I’ll call her Sister Mary Barbarian. She was the toughest, strictest, unyieldingest teacher I ever had—a member of the order the […]

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