You’re Grounded For Life by Tim Jones – Book Review



Finally, a book about raising kids that makes no attempt to help us. The author, Tim Jones, repeatedly tells us he has no answers. I find that enormously reassuring. I’m not the reason my kids turned out the way they did. I feel so grateful to Tim that I feel the need to father another child just to name it after him. Oh wait, the book reminds us there are no truly good parenting strategies. So I won’t have another kid. Thanks, Tim, you saved me again. This book is really, really, really, really, really funny and I’ve never before rated a book with more than three reallys. Now if you’ll excuse me, Tim, has advised me to come up with a million dollars for my kid’s education. Time to look under those sofa cushions for loose change.

See his book on Amazon.

– Paul R. De Lancey, reviewer

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5 thoughts on “You’re Grounded For Life by Tim Jones – Book Review”

  1. And I shared it on my FB page. I really think every parent needs to spend some time with this remarkably creative parenting guru. Great work Tim!

  2. Thanks, Paul. I really, really, really, really appreciate your positive review. You sound like you’re a great parent! So glad my book was helpful. I swear I had no idea it could possibly help any parent. That was totally an accident.

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