The New Squeegee Car Wash Method – While EVERYONE Waits!


It is HARD to tell what’s going on in this picture at a local gas/sandwich/terrible microwave burrito chain.  Out of all of the “Gas Station Jagoffs.” this one MIGHT just be the champeeeeeen.

Here’s the tweet that accompanied the pic:

Here’s a Jagoff for you. Out-of-towner washing his entire vehicle with the window washer …

He finished pumping and continued to wash! Was at it for another 10-15 minutes AFTER gas!

So, yeah.. washed the entire car with the squeegee and a bucket of window wash fluid.   It left the questions, like:

For lunch, did he order a bun, lettuce, tomatoes and onions ONLY at the self serve order kiosks and then pull out some leftover breakfast sausage that he had stuffed in his pants pocket since the continental breakfast at the hotel this morning?

Did he top off his fuel tank by going around to each pump and tapping the 9 extra drops out of each nozzle into his tank?

Do you think he wraps medicine bottle cotton-balls on to paperclips, stolen from the office, as Q-tips?  Or does he stick a used hairpin in his ear to scoop out the wax and then gaze at the chunks?

Sure.. everyone scams the system at times… people like me that take huge wads of napkins from the restaurants  and throw them in the glove compartment of the car for those sneeze/choking/snot emergencies!

Hey Squeegee Squidward, thanks for tying up the gas pump while you gave your car a mani and a pedi.  Thank GAWD they give ya free soap back at the hotel!!  We  would have hated to see you standing at the pump for ANOTHER 15 minutes, with a bunch of those little wipey blue towels tied in a knot on your head and wrapped around your waist, while you scrubbed your underarms and dinkyd00 with that same squeegee.  You probably would have ALSO jipped into the tire filling station to blow dry your hair, Ya Jagoff!!!

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6 thoughts on “The New Squeegee Car Wash Method – While EVERYONE Waits!”

  1. He probably goes into a restaurant, orders coffee and a cup of hot water, then uses the ketchup and the salt on the table to make some instant tomato soup.

    Or maybe he pulls a Victor/Victoria stunt and keeps a dead roach in his pocket so that he can put it in his food and claim a free meal.

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