Who says inflation is a bad thing?

It must be great to know stuff. Jill Y knows stuff. Jill Y knows lots of stuff. I know that I don’t like Bon Jovi. I know why I don’t like Bon Jovi and I know I have a moral obligation to convince Jill Y to dislike Bon Jovi. Thank God she likes my meat and two veg because the dinner table wouldn’t be a hotbed of intellectual conversation when I’m around. She understands the economy and facts and shoes. She was explaining all about inflation and all the bad stuff it causes. It doesn’t sound like fun but this guy might beg to differ:


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6 thoughts on “Who says inflation is a bad thing?”

  1. Did you notice that the guy is holding the inflatable doll by its right breast?

    It takes so little to satisfy some (desperate?) people. 😉

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