10 Annoying Catch Phrases I’d Like to Dispatch Immediately!


Too much of a good thing can get old pretty fast.

Too much of an annoying thing makes you wanna scream sometimes.

Seems like new catch phrases are popping up all the time nowadays and hey – I don’t wanna sound like an old fuss budget (where did that one come up with anyway?) but some of ’em really just flip my widget. (That one’s mine, thank you very much.).

Do your kids call you Dude? Do you call them Dude? Yeah. Me too.

Look, I’m the female Larry David, so everything bugs the hell outta me. But don’tcha just want to scream sometimes when you hear them?

So here is my list of the 10 Annoying Catch Phrases I’d Like To Banish Forever

1. My Bad. I’ve actually snapped at my kids for saying this. Okay, so you’re taking responsibility for your own…bad.

Good for you.

2. Good For You. Does it get any more condescending and patronizing than this phrase? “I just won the Nobel Prize!” “Good for you…” Zero sincerity.

3. At the End Of the Day. OMG! How I hate this. It’s like every celebrity got a memo stating that this had to be worked into every interview. This means one thing. It means you put on your PJs and check out for the night. There’s nothing philosophical about it. And it’s gotten to the point where when people actually mean “at the end of the day”, that annoys me now too.

4. Touch Base. My mother actually said this to me the other day. “We’ll touch base at the end of the week.” It’s a corporate term. If you’re not in a board room, why are you saying this? Touch base? What base? Are we waiting for a transmission from the Mothership? People need to stop saying this. It’s pretentious as hell.

5. I Feel You.  You what? How about you “get” me, pervert. It just creeps me out. You’re not feeling me. In no way do you feel me. And unless you’re my husband or Johnny Depp, you’re not allowed to feel me.

6. Awesome. The hippies gave us “cool”, the surfers are giving us “awesome”. Listen Dude, awesome used to mean a mountain range or the Grand Canyon or an extraordinary accomplishment. It used to mean something you were in awe of. Get it? It shouldn’t be used to refer to the last episode of Hoarders or the taco you just ate. Well…in the case of Hoarders, it depends on how big that mountain of garbage is.  Just try to sit through 15 minutes of HGTV’s House Hunters and tell me how much you like “awesome”.  I guarantee you’ll be running for the hills. Or the mountains. OMG – those mountains are AWESOME! Thank you! Finally.

7. Icon. Same concept here. An icon used to be a person of some historical or cultural weight. Somebody who really cemented their place on the cultural landscape. A celebrity, sure. Like Elvis, Marilyn, James Dean. Or, an important historical figure like, oh, I don’t know…maybe Ghandi?! Or Mother Theresa? Or somebody who will actually be remembered for making a difference in the world or whose work will stand the test of time. We’re not talking about Kim Kardashian or freaking JLo. You got that, Einstein? Einstein is an icon. Got that Kanye?

8. Throwing Someone Under the Bus. Along with reality competition TV, came a whole bunch of stupid phrases like being “voted off the island”. But I hate this one more. When did we start throwing people under busses? Why a bus? Why not a semi truck? Why not a Hummer? “You just threw me under the Hummer, Omarosa!” Yeah, I guess it doesn’t have the same ring to it.

9. I just threw up in my mouth a little.  The phrase itself makes me throw up in my mouth a little. I don’t need this visual. I get that it’s a ‘gag me’ moment. Oh, how droll and how clever of you, though.

10. Lit’rally. You know…literally, but said in a much more posh way. Lit-rally. Well, Fuck ME Princess Di! This must have been on the celebrity memo too, because they all do it and I want to slug all of them. And by the way, the use of the word itself is overdone. I was literally blown away! Okay, Dorothy. You’re not in Kansas anymore. The other day I heard someone say they “Lit’rally almost did something”. Okay then. Which is it?

I’ve got more, but I want to hear yours. So bring your A game. (Hate that one too.) Which catch phrases would you like to see die a quick death, like lit’rally?

Photo “Proud to Be Awesome” by Evil Erin licensed by CC 2.0

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17 thoughts on “10 Annoying Catch Phrases I’d Like to Dispatch Immediately!”

  1. Omg – YES please. Hate that. And the celebs are fond of saying they’re “preggers”. Hate that one too.
    And sorry fellas, but if you’re not the one carrying the watermelon, then you’re NOT “preggers” too.

  2. You forgot “I hear you.” Fortunately, that one isn’t spoken as much as it used to be, but it’s still annoying.

    Awesome list, btw! 😉 😀

  3. You hit most of the ones that burn my bacon, which I would never do on my watch, unless of course it’s mission accomplished, in which case, I will look for a level playing field and find the American Dream.

  4. This is a great list and I have to plead guilty to using a few of them. I do love that you call you and your kids call each other ‘dude’. We do the same here!

  5. Yes! And when they say they are both “preggers”. First of all, unless he’s gonna push out a 10 pound watermelon at the end of 3 trimesters, I advise he sit down and shut about about being preggers. And preggers…*shiver*. Oh God, I’m gonna have to do a part 2.

  6. It is what it is.

    And this isn’t so much a catch phrase…but I HATE it when people tell me to ‘smile’. I will contort my face how I please on my own schedule, thank you.

  7. Love your list! Even “awesome,” although I do confess we use it in our weekly advice column. But that’s irony, man. Irony. Not for real.

  8. Great list, Linda. There are two that continue to make me go nuts every time:

    ‘AMAZING’ – seems like this is every third word uttered by anyone on TV. Any extraterresterials that happen to be watching the us at any given time MUST think that we think everything on Earth is ‘amazing.

    ‘AUTHENTIC’ – this is a fairly new one, used quite often in the political realm. As near as I can tell, when we say someone is authentic, it means “…that sumbitch is just and dumb and ignorant as I am.”

    Methinks we have a real lack of vocabulary and original thought in our society.

    Greaat post. Cheers. Will

    1. Thanks Will! “Amazing” ceases to be amazing now, am I right? “Authentic” gets over used in the writing world too. Am I being “authentic” with my voice? Also, “transparent”. You’re not invisible, you’re oversharing, jackass!

      You’re right – vocab is suffering in our society…hard.

    1. Haha! Not in my wheelhouse, eh? As in “Pa, Mary and I are going to bake up some pot brownies.”
      “Not in MY wheelhouse, you ain’t!” ?

  9. I love this list. Every single one drives me insane as well. May I add? “Over the moon.” Good god in heaven, every time a celebrity announces a pregnancy, sources inform People magazine that the couple is “over the moon.” I think it is supposed to sound old timey and charming, but it is painful to my ears due to both its meaninglessness and overuse!

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